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[art] : 03.23.01
toshiro i may be somewhat biased since i share an office with this guy, but regardless his art is amazing! such whimsical figures in these dreamscapes with bright absorbing colors. also peruse his other work at which are collage pieces with a great sense of humor and nostalgia.

|boris hoppek
boris hoppekthis is the artist that did sack + blumm's cd design. it is all amazingly minimalistic graffiti like with bright funny colors. much of it is very entertaining and comic, with cute characters and situations. i really like his graffiti (painting permanent shadows) and furniture, besides the rest. be careful you might be offended.
[webpages] : 03.22.01
|16color local austinite alan watts is the mastermind behind this clever animation site. create your own movies right on the spot and submit them to be viewed by all and to compete for the annual pixelfest movie awards, or just for movie of the week.

this is my collection of great webpages with appropriate commentary. pixelpocket is my personal collection of links. but, linkdup finds the best, aesthetically speaking, websites out there.
[music] : 03.22.01
|plastiq phantom
plastiq phantom somewhat like mu-ziq and sybarite, this electronic musician from seattle mixes in toy blips and beeps with classical bits, drums, and sampled everday sounds. unlike anything you've ever heard before, yet definitely beautiful, fun, and challenging. enjoy 492 cups to china.mp3.

|andrew baron a.k.a. century plant
andrew barona local austin musician who composes a mixture of classical and rock music. he also plays guitar, piano, drums, and sings. i especially like this track: it's alright.mp3. he worked with several people from the golden arm trio: graham reynolds, tom benton, and david lobel, on his ten concertos for the wind composition: no.1.mp3. and his century plant performances seem to involve a prerecorded live orchestra projected behind him that plays on cue!

|sack + blumm
these two guys from germany, one of whom plays a french horn and the other fiddles with toys, teamed up in an unusual way to release this collaborative cd. all the songs were written by mailing the tracks back and forth. it has an electronic sound to it, but it is entirely instrumental. it is all very fresh and fun sounding: marmel.ram. sack and blumm are primarily solo artists, they just worked together for a couple cds. find out what sack is up to:
[short films] : 03.21.02
|rust boy
brian taylor has been putting this beautiful textured tim burton-esque film together in his spare time. entirely computer animated, it features a cute endearing rust boy as its star. you can follow the progress of the work on the website where he posts scene samples, concept sketches, stills, and music.
moredirected by mark osborne, this claymation sci-fi with music by new order will blow your mind, it is magnificent. somewhat dr.seuss-esque.

a homemade short film with an ingenious twist and great special effects. the creators jeremy hunt and bruce branit were interviewed for the austin chronicle movie feature.
[theater] : 03.23.01
|the wallpaper psalm
the wallpaper psalm a play by ruth margraff with live music by the golden arm trio. it is the companion piece to the cry pitch carrolls which was last done in 1999 also with the golden arm trio. listen to this beautifully eerie track primary.mp3. i just saw the opening night performance and i must agree that graham gives good advice, "it's really cool, just don't expect it to make linear-sense." and they give you ear plugs, if that says anything! playing at the off-center march 23, 24, 29, 30, 31 april 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14
[suggestions] : .
please send me suggestions if you can think of anything i might want to check out myself and post on this site; even if it is your own site or event. this is basically just an email form so you can also just say 'hi'. thanks!
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